All About the iPad

Think it's safe to say you have heard how amazing the iPad is?

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We all know why we want an iPad. It comes as no surprise that you want one and are ready to make the buy.

Think about the ability to carry more than fifty books with you, surf the internet no matter where you are. Keep up to date with your friends with Facebook or Twitter. Play video games and enjoy millions of aps.
Watch your favorite TV show, Get you email and much much more!

With the Wifi and 3G the speed of the ipad is just like being on your home computer. It's simply amazing. Plus with 64GB of space you will never run out of space. So keeping your favorite picture or book won't be a problem:)

Since iPad is so well received, you're going to find more than a quarter of a million books and movies and aps available to you for your iPad

Here are just a few of the iPad's features:

  • It is sleek & light
  • It is simple to use
  • simple to download aps
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • The battery has a long life
  • You can charge it via a USB cable
  • It's easy to get books
  • You can get books fast
  • It has an automatic library backup
  • The screen is paper-like
  • The text-size is adjustable
  • It has manual screen rotation
  • You can read newspapers
  • Zoon in on images
  • You get wireless access to wikipedia
  • It has a search feature
  • You can listen to audiobooks
  • Holds all your contact inofrmation
  • Has a calendar and So much more
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